Assistant Programme Specialist, Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (OREALC/UNESCO). Culture and Education 2030 Programmes, Santiago of Chile, January 8 of 2018 to present. http://www.unesco.org/santiago/

Director and Editor in Chief of Pléyade. Journal of Humanities and Social Science ISSN 0718-655X (print) and e-ISSN 0719-3696 (online), Santiago de Chile, February 2011 to present. www.revistapleyade.cl

Visiting Researcher, Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, German Foundation for Cultural Heritage – Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz in Berlin. Visiting Researcher in Cultural Studies, Berlin Germany, July 2015-March 2017

Visiting Fellow, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia. Visiting Professor in Philosophy, March 2014-April 2015

Researcher for the Scientific Information Program, National Commission for Science and Technology. Head of Research Group, project: “Media pluralism and written digital media in contemporary Chile: financial support, journalist sources and editorial lines” n. PLU1300008, Santiago de Chile, October 2013 to November 2014

Consultant of the National Institute of Human Rights. Head of Consulting Group, project “Collection, registration, and systematization of victims information of human right violations in Paine”, Santiago de Chile, March 2012 to August 2014

President and Executive Director of the Center for Political Analysis and Research, Santiago de Chile, March 2011 to March 2014

Associate Researcher, Center for Political Analysis and Research, Santiago de Chile, August 2009 to March 2014

Associate Instructor, Institute of Humanities, Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile, March 2012 to March 2016.

Coordinator of the Globalization and Democracy Chair and of the Seminar Global Thought, Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile, August 2012 to May 2014

Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration, Universidad Central de Chile. Professor of Political Science and Political Theory, March 2012 to December 2013

Guest Professor, Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas CIA (Centre for Artistic Researches), Buenos Aires Argentina, July 2012 (http://www.ciacentro.org.ar/docentes_2012)

Adjunct Professor of the Master of Arts in Political Sciences, Public Policy Department, Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana. Professor of Public Policies, August 2011 to August 2012

Assistant Coordinator, Research network on biopolitics (www.biopolitica.cl), Santiago de Chile, March 2009 to August 2011

Junior Researcher, Center for Socio-Cultural Studies (CESC). Member of Research Project “Youth subjectivities. Youth in presidential speeches at the Chilean Congress 1918-2008” (Researcher: Raúl Zarzuri), Santiago de Chile, July 2008 to October 2009

Research Assistant, Demoscópica. For the research project “Systematization and collection of historical statistics in Chile 1973-2006”, Santiago de Chile, March to December 2007

Other positions

Columnist at newspaper El Mostrador, Santiago de Chile, May 2013-present. Profile

Political Analyst of the TV program “Agenda Joven” CNN Chile, Santiago de Chile, May 2012 to December 2012